Norita Ja'afar

Norita Ja’afar is a professional Certified Sustainable Practitioner accredited by Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), USA. She is recently a graduate from Blue Carbon & Blue Economy programme by CEMarin, an international marine science research-based NGO. She is also a member of the Association of Climate Change Officers.

Apart from the several global carbon offset projects under Tabah, she is also a strong advocate of the carbon offset ecosystem development. She is currently part of developing Blue Carbon & Blue Economy methodology with an International Standards Carbon Methodology with CEMarin including enabling Validation and Verification Bodies (VVBs) in this space. She is one of the lead Climate Change and Nature-based solution advisors for Malaysia financial institutions and state governments.

Norita is also a Board member at Johor Plantations Bhd (previously known as Kulim Bhd), where she actively participates as the Sustainability Board Committee Member. She assists in delivering positive environmental impacts from 66,000 hectares of palm oil plantations via its 70% renewable energy target operating Biomethane and PFOE plant. This also includes pledging towards zero deforestation, protection of endangered wildlife and HCV/HCS management.

She has been a Board member of Malaysia Public Listed companies since 2000, where she also had a decade stint as Head of the Audit Committee. Apart from her vast knowledge in Corporate Services, Internal Audit & Compliance, Norita was also COO of Malaysian Global Innovation & Creative Centre (MaGIC) under the Ministry of Finance. She was also CEO of digital consultant firm the IA Group Malaysia and led Trade Receivables platform TFX Islamic. She is well-versed in Carbon Offset Protocols and Methodologies particularly in Blue Carbon & Green Carbon related. in Sustainability Reporting Standards in particular GRI, SASB and TCFD. Her knowledge in SBTi qualifies her as a consultant for Net Zero roadmap, particularly in manufacturing, plantation and services sector.

Akhramsyah Sanusi

Akhram is a global pioneer in the carbon offset industry, starting almost 25 years ago. The first project is his role as a pioneering member of the Shell Tradable Emissions Permit Scheme (STEPS). Initiated in response to the Kyoto accord in 1997, STEPS was formally launched in January 2000, to commit members of the Shell group to reduce carbon emissions by two percent over the next three years.

Akhram was appointed as the custodian of the Refining component of the emissions model owned and used by Concawe, the research organisation set up by European Oil Companies with focus on environmental issues. Concawe’s model has been used to radically reduce greenhouse gases on the planet through improvements in fuels specifications as well as other industry standards. The model is a complex series mathematical formulas to simulate the impact of changes to key contributors to emissions, allowing for better assessment of the cost-benefit of changes and allowing for more robust planning for industry and consumers.

Over decades, the global market continues to benefit from Concawe’s works such as with the roll-out of Euro I through to Euro VI fuels specifications. Closer to home, Akhram was also a key contributor to the POME B5 Biodiesel roll-out in Malaysia in 2011. He assisted in policy development as well as operational aspects as the oil industry representative working with the Malaysian Palm Oil Board and other government agencies.

More recently, Akhram conducted several carbon reduction initiatives through niche renewables solutions, such as low-head mini-hydro power generation, low-cut in speed wind farming, and ocean thermal energy conversion in the Southeast Asian region. Akhram holds an MEng in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London, an Associate of the City & Guilds Institute and and a member of the International Association of Energy Economics.

Rob Cayzer

Rob is a leader in sustainable development, economic development, climate action development, and impact investments, building a new industry sector and creating 100,000s of high-value jobs in Malaysia. He has over 35 years of experience in economic development, technology, education, and impact investments.

A technology sector veteran operating internationally since 1987, he is founder of the global technology outsourcing sector in Malaysia, subsequently enshrined by the government as a new major national sector. He is founder and founding chairman of “Outsourcing Malaysia”, the nation’s industry association for global business services.

He is advisor to various countries on economic development, through the OECD-DC (Development Centre). The latest project was a multi-year project for Egypt. In Malaysia, he advised and introduced a range of policies, programmes and institutional reform which are widely in force today. This includes setup of economic corridors, state and federal programmes and policy regarding international and domestic trade, labour, taxation, immigration, education, infrastructure, and technology. Rob is also advisor regarding climate action in ASEAN.

Rob is executive committee member of the Malaysia Australia Business Council and is chair of the trade and investment agenda, with an emphasis on the green economy. He is also member of the International Economic Development Council (Washington DC), Chartered Institute of Islamic Finance Professionals, Australia Computer Society, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. He is also a regular sportswriter for Australian online publications. He holds a Degree in Information Technology from University Queensland, Australia.
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